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Tayler Delisio/Grief Support

Child Grief Bundle

Child Grief Bundle

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When it comes to children’s grief, it can be a complicated and overwhelming road to navigate. Through my experience with my daughter and using my early childhood education background and social and emotional regulation background, I have created grief resources for parents and guardians to help them begin to navigate their child’s grief. These resources provide information about children’s grief and ways to help children navigate their grief journey. This road is scary, but you don’t have to face it alone.

In this bundle you will receive

  • 1 29-minute video with some information on children’s grief
  • 1 activity book with activities and tools to support you and your child as you get started down this path (PDF download) *no physical copy will be received)
  • 15 affirmation cards (PDF download) *no physical copy will be received)
  • 1 12-minute I am affirmation meditation audio (suitable for older children)
  • 1 3-minute (shortened version) I am affirmation meditation audio (suitable for beginners and young children)


*This product bundle contains PDF, audio and video downloads. No physical products will be received after purchase.*

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